Observatory Tour 2020/21

An evening with live music and astronomical observations

NOVA is dedicated to the musical interpretation of space, time and science-fiction. The music is the trio’s idea of how planets, suns, galaxies and the vastness of the universe might sound. All compositions are either musical translations of historic science-fiction novels or inspired by the unbelievable astronomical dimensions and phenomena. During the live performances the songs are illustrated by visual projections, taking the audience on a fantastic journey. In July 2020 the band recorded their second album and presented it live with a very special concert series called The Observatory Tour.

This tour takes NOVA to observatories and planetariums in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. The program has two parts. After hearing the band’s performance the audience, astronomers and the band itself watch the stars together, asking questions and discussing about the possible and impossible. Art, music and science brought together in an exceptional manner.

The Observatory Tour will continue with more shows in planetariums and astronomical observatories in 2021.